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R.T. Forbes Company has been the New England area sales representative for the Marley Cooling Tower Company since 1945.

In addition to Marley Cooling Tower Company (now "SPX Cooling Technologies") we also represent Kelvion (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers), Recold, Puroflux, Griswold, and Air Solution Company.

We sell new products, replacement products, parts for our existing products (cooling towers, fluid coolers, evaporative condensers, plate and frame heat exchangers, sandfilters, separators, chemical-free water treatment, controls, VFD's, pump skids, and air-intake filters).  In addition, we can provide inspections, start-up service, technical information, and labor to upgrade or repair our existing installations.

We are your primary contact for products from all of the above mentioned products if your organization is located in New England (MA, RI, ME, NH, CT, or VT).  Our office is now located in Danvers, MA after many successful years in West Newton, MA.

Marley NC Series Cooling Tower

R. T. Forbes has been incorporated since 1957.  Prior to the 1999 move to our current location in Danvers (MA), we were located in West Newton (MA) for over thirty years.   Our existing customer base consists of over 3,000 equipment users, contractors, OEM’s, and engineers.  R.T. Forbes Company has been a MANA member for over 40 years.

Richard E. “Rich” Scogland (Sr.) Rich started at R.T. Forbes Company in 1978, after 10 years experience at The Boston Naval Shipyard and Badger Petrochemical.  Since he first became a part owner in 1983, he has gradually changed the company from a general representative firm with ten accounts in diverse fields, to a more modern, service-oriented firm that specializes in heat transfer and water cooling products, widely regarded as experts in our field.

For over 65 years, SPX / Marley Cooling Tower been our primary line.  In 1990, we added SPX / Marley's Recold Division to strengthen our offerings to industrial and refrigeration users. We now also sell Puroflux sandfilters and separators, and Kelvion (formerly GEA) plate and frame heat exchangers with new cooling towers or for existing cooling towers.

In late 2012, we added GEA plate and frame heat exchangers.  This was after over thirty successful years with other PHE manufacturers.

Rich’s most senior employee is Robert W. “Bob” Forbes, previously his partner.  Bob has worked for R.T. Forbes Company for over 25 years.

Rich’s oldest son, Richard  W. “Rick” Scogland (Jr.), has been with the company since graduating from Bentley University in the Spring of 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Management.  Rick has been treasurer for over ten years.

Rich’s youngest son, Jeffrey P. “Jeff” Scogland, has been working full time since receiving his Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Massachusetts in 1999.  Jeff began serving as company president in 2011.

Brigid Bolduc has been our secretary and office manager since August of 2002.

In 2013 Jack Dresty was brought on board to improve coverage of the Connecticut area.  Jack has previous experience with cooling towers and pulse powered chemical free water treatment products.
In 2016 Kellie Sacco joined the company as an inside salesperson and to improve marketing. 
R.T. Forbes Company is currently owned by the two Scogland sons.

We welcome potential customers, local mechanical contractors, and consulting engineers to visit our office to discuss the products that we represent.


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Marley "UPDATE" Selection Software ...

is a web-based application, found here:


Selections of cooling towers AND fluid coolers for the Marley AND Recold product lines can be made from this application.

After you register, we will approve your user status so you can access the fully-functioning program.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions on registering or using Update.  We would be happy to come to your office and go over the program, or put on a presentation for your department or organization.

Marley Mobile App


Marley Mobile
Now available: the SPX Marley Mobile application for iPhone and iPad!  Includes:  Tower Finder, UPDATE Lite, Water Usage, Why Marley?, Etc.

The R.T. Forbes Company building in Danvers, MA

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